Healthy gluten free meal ideas

January is a time for starting a new hobby, fresh mental attitudes and new (often gluten free) diets.  The majority of people spend the next 30 days being ‘kind’ to their bodies then they fall back into the same bad habits.  So what can we do to make our January attitude last all year?

It’s estimated in The Guardian that 1% of the population in the UK are diagnosed Coeliacs but the Gluten Free movement goes far beyond this! It’s reported that 5% have a gluten intolerance and up to 8% of us have switched to a gluten free diets because quitting the grain makes us actually feel better.  However these groups are struggling to maintain their gluten free diet healthily, they’ve quit the grain but are instead reaching for the sugary replacements easily accessible.

We’ve come up with 5 amazing gluten free healthy meal suggestions to make being gluten free in January (and beyond) easy for those struggling!

  1. A delicious breakfast, well you can’t get better than the best and these two ingredient pancakes is the ultimate gluten free, quick, easy breakfast choice!
  1. A light snack - How about breaking up the handfuls of nuts with a snack of biscotti, you can make your own using our gluten free flour or get in touch and we might just send you a bag of it!
  1. A lunch for work - We’re always looking out for simple recipes for work and this for a roast chicken and kale stir fry is a great one.  
  1. A light soup - Butternut squash soup (include Oast to Host cheese straws as a side)
  1. A winter warmer - Beef Wellington, while it’s not the obvious healthy choice this filling winter warmer will keep you energised ready for a big Sunday afternoon walk with the family!

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