About Us


We started with a farmer’s market stall in Tunbridge wells. Claire had answered an advertisement for a pudding stall. Her two daughters had started at university and she needed a project. She loved baking and trying out her new ideas on an unsuspecting public appealed.



Sally one evening threw into a conversation that she would be happy to throw a pudding on the table but it would have to be Gluten Free because if it didn’t sell then she and her family would have to have to eat it at home. It seemed there was actually a great demand for Gluten Free…and so Oast To Host was born!



Fast forward a few years and we are an award winning exclusively gluten and wheat free artisan bakery specialising in pastry. We bake all our products to order, from our kitchen in beautiful Kent using free range eggs, fresh double cream, butter, local fruit and veg from the 'Garden of England' whenever possible.



We are passionate about creating tasty recipes for a discerning palate, food that is not an apology but a mouth-watering sensation to be put on the table for EVERYONE to enjoy.



Between them Sally and Claire have over 50 years of experience cooking for their respective families and a variety of food intolerance's, including one coeliac and one wheat intolerant daughter. We have won five great taste awards, were winners in the 2016 Free From 'Food-To-Go' category, a winner of the 2017 British Food Awards, a silver free from catering award for their pastry mix and most recently been shortlisted for a food talk award for their pastry mix.



We live and breathe our business every day and totally love our products, we hope you do too!