Gluten Free Rhubarb Crumble Recipe

The weather at this time of year is certainly not helping our moods, all we want to do is curl up inside with a warm fire and a wintery crumble on our laps (OK and maybe some of us are excited for the Love Island final too).

While it's not officially rhubarb season until April, we've been seeing it pop up in the supermarkets so thought we'd share with you our favourite, and very simple gluten free crumble recipe.

Gluten Free Rhubarb Crumble Recipe


For the filling...

  • 500g rhubarb chopped into chunks
  • 25g caster sugar*
  • 1desert spoon elderflower cordial or ginger cordial for a little added warmth!

*We don't like to add too much sugar in our recipes, it's often not needed however it does help to take away the tartness of the Rhubarb and it helps to break it down when you cook it.

For the topping...

  • Oast to Host cake mix
  • 100g softened butter
  • 120g caster sugar


  1. Tip the chopped rhubarb and sugar into a saucepan
  2. Cover and simmer on a very low heat for approx 15 minutes
  3. Use any extra sugar to sweeten to taste
  4. Pour rhubarb mix into baking dish
  5. Preheat the oven to 200C
  6. Follow these instructions to make our gluten free crumble topping
  7. Scatter the crumble over the rhubarb mix and bake for 30 minutes


We love our crumble with a HUGE spoonful of vanilla custard, or a scoop of the best quality Ice Cream.



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