Six Ways to Pimp your Gluten Free Scones

This is the time of year for scones.  Scones are traditionally enjoyed with a cream tea as a rather stuffy and traditional treat, although we can't deny that they are utterly delicious.  

We decided that this spring we'd introduce something a bit different to your cream tea.  We've been experimenting with our gluten free scones and have come up with six new recipes to bring the traditional scone into the 21st Century.

Curried Carrot Scones (served with cream cheese and a carrot slice)

Curried Carrot Gluten Free Scones

Courgette & Chive Scones (served with with chive cream cheese)

Courgette and Chive Gluten Free Scones

Beetroot and Mint Scones (served with minted cream cheese)

Beetroot and Mint

Turmeric and Spinach Scones (served with cream cheese and a turmeric sprinkle)

Tumeric & Spinach

Cheese, thyme with pickle & apple (served with optional apple puree, cream cheese and an apple slice)

Apple and Cheese

And finally for a sweet option how about a simple fruit scone with clotted cream, slice ripe strawberry and mint.  

Sweet Scone Recipe

So those are our ideas for how to pimp your scones the next time you have an afternoon tea.  If you have a go at any of these ideas make sure to show us by tagging us on Instagram @oasttohost.

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