Gluten Free Puff Pastry Recipe

You asked for it and so here you go.  We've made a little video that shows you exactly (and simply) how we make the BEST gluten free puff pastry you'll ever taste (see below)


  • Oast to Host Pastry Flour (195g)
  • Salted Butter (195g)
  • Water (117g)
  • Pinch of Salt

The video is packed with our top tips straight from the kitchen, these include: 

  1. Use a metal bowl when working with pastry as it helps to keep everything cool
  2. Cut the butter you're going to roll out in half, and then into thirds before sandwiching it between two pieces of greaseproof paper (this makes rolling out the butter entirely painless!)
  3. Potato flour is great to stop pastry sticking when you roll it, it's gluten free and doesn't give that gritty taste a lot of gluten free flours do.

Go on...give it a watch! We can't wait to see what you bake!

Alternatively see instructions below

Top Tips!

  • Start by placing metal or glass bowl in fridge (this helps the chilling)
  • If pastry becomes sticky or fat escapes(!) dust with a sprinkling of potato flour, this may include dusting rolling pin with flour as well
  • The folding & turning process is to create layers. The sealing of edges traps air to create the rise once in oven
  • Make double recipe & freeze excess for up to 3 months
  • At this stage we don’t recommend using dairy free fat due to higher water content
  • Please note this recipe was designed using a metal tabletop. If this is not available you could try using a marble slab or chilling your tabletop with ice blocks – essentially you need a cold surface.

Let’s start:

  • 195g of OAST TO HOST Pastry Flour blend, add 117g of water plus 1pinch of salt. Mix this to a dough either with a spoon/fork or in a food processor. Place in fridge. 
  • Press 195g of partially chilled butter into a rectangular shape between 2 pieces of greaseproof paper (I found the best way was to trim a 250g block to 195g then divide into 6 portions laid in 2 rows of 3 – you just need to ‘weld’ the pieces of butter together to form one small ‘sheet’ – try to work quickly to keep chilled).
  • Roll out  dough to twice width of butter and a little longer. You need to be able to seal the butter within the rolled out dough. Best rolled on a little potato flour or corn flour
  • Lay butter on rolled dough then fold in all sides to seal butter within. Once butter sealed roll from short end rolling into a long rectangle, making 2 indents with your rolling pin, pressing down gently at each 1/3 (this is to seal in the air which creates the layers). Fold top 1/3 down at indent and fold  bottom 1/3 up, sealing sides and top – by gently pressing down with rolling pin (to seal in the air).
  • Turn dough 45 degrees before rolling again into a rectangle (as above) and repeat indents & folding. Turn pastry once more by 45 degrees and repeat rolling, indenting, folding and sealing before wrapping in greaseproof & placing in chilled metal bowl back in the fridge.
  • Rest for approx 15 minutes. Then repeat rolling and folding 3 times with  45 degree turn each time.
  • Chill in fridge for at least 15 minutes (wrapped & in chilled bowl)
  • When ready to use , roll pastry to required size and use as you wish, chilling finished product before placing in oven.

 This puff pastry is great for pie tops, sausage rolls, tatins, cheese straws and so much more.

Have fun!!

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