Five extra-special ways to serve gluten free brownies!

Brownies can be eaten in a multitude of ways, and for fellow brownie fanatics you might think you've tried them all. At Oast To Host HQ we eat ALOT of brownies and even still they are one of our favourite puddings.  

It makes us sad the number of dinner parties where people apologise 'it's just brownies for pudding today'. Incase you're that person, we've collated our favourite brownie hacks for dinner parties so people will be begging for brownies at your next dinner party.

1. The One That Involves The Kids - Gluten Free Brownie Sugar Stencils

A simple and not too messy way to involve your kids and any guests you have visiting.  Give them each a piece of strong paper and scissors to cut out the stencil they would like to do then place the stencil over the brownie and sprinkle icing sugar through the design. Boom - you've got personalised puddings and a fun activity ticked off! 

2. The Summer-Time Treat - Gluten Free Brownie Parfait

This screams a summer special! Chop up your brownies into small chunks and layer between whipped cream and diced strawberries in jars.  Serve with a spoon to delight your guests.

3. The Classic - Gluten Free Brownie & Ice-cream

Featured here is our favourite ice cream by Salcombe Dairy (but you can use any ice cream).  Warm your microwave in the microwave for a few seconds so it's warmed through and serve with a generous scoop of ice cream for an all-time-classic pudding.  

4. The Gourmet Special - Le Grande (gluten free) Brownies

Show off your skills in the kitchen by adding this gourmet element to your brownie pudding.  A swirl of raw meringue on top of the brownie which you bronze lightly with a blow torch before serving.  

5. The Birthday Cake Replacement - Gluten Free Brownie Cheesecake

Here's the showstopper for a beautiful cake replacement.  Take your brownie base and add a no-bake Vanilla cheesecake mixture to the top, refrigerate to make sure it sets and serve with chopped fruit and maybe even some candles! 


If you have a go at any of the above ideas please make sure to send us photos on Instagram by tagging @oasttohost.



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