Easter Lunch Recipe - Gluten Free Beef Wellington

Easter is second only to Christmas in our homes, lots of family at home which is lovely but also means lots of family to feed. Then when you factor catering for gluten free family members it can be even more stressful.

In our homes we make sure the gluten free dishes are so delicious that everyone wants to eat them saving having to do two separate meals and letting us enjoy Easter! This is the Gluten Free meal we’ll be making for our families on Easter Sunday if you wanted some inspiration!


Gluten free beef Wellington

Beef Wellington 

Prep time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Total time: 30 minutes
This example serves 2, you can scale it for your family though!


140g 2 x Sirloin Steaks
240g Oast to Host Gluten and Wheat Free Shortcrust Pastry
50g Smooth Gluten Free Pate
Salt and Pepper
1 Beaten Egg
1tsp Doves Plain Flour
125ml Beef Stock
1tbsp Red Wine


1. Preheat oven to 200°C/Gas 6. Roll 90g pastry into a rectangle (slightly larger than steaks) and place onto lined tray. Prick a few times and bake till golden.
Whilst the pastry is cooking, trim the steaks and seal them in a frying pan. Season and spread ¼ of the pâté onto the centre of each baked pastry disc. Place the steak on top followed by next ¼ of the pâté.
2. Cut the remaining pastry in half and roll large enough to enclose the steak and pâté.
Paint the underside of pastry with beaten egg and secure the lid to base, forking round the edges. Trim if necessary before painting the outside with the rest of egg. Make 2 small holes in the top of the pastry and pop in oven for 15 mins.
3. To make gluten/wheat free gravy, add flour to hot fat used for sealing steak. Gradually add stock and red wine (if desired), stirring all the time, and bring to a simmer to reduce to a rich gravy. Season before serving with the Wellington and vegetables of your choice.

Serve with...

We recommend serving this with New Potatoes, freshly steamed green vegetables (broccoli is our family favourite) and grilled baby tomatoes. 

And there you go, the perfect Gluten Free Easter meal.

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