Makes approx 5 crepes
(You could double recipe)
50g Oast to Host Pastry Flour
1 egg
110ml semi skimmed milk
90ml water
Measure flour into a mixing bowl and add the egg.  Measure the milk and water into a jug.  Gradually combine egg and flour adding a little milk/water at a time in order to make the mixture as smooth as possible, beating out any lumps as you go.  If your egg is small you may need to add an extra 10ml or so of milk.
Once all liquid combined and mixture is smooth, rub a piece of kitchen paper with some butter and use this to lightly grease pan (you could probably use a spray oil if preferred).
When your crepe pan is fairly hot, hold pan at an angle, pouring some mixture into the top of the pan letting it spread down - stop pouring and quickly swirl the mixture round the crepe pan to create an even spread.
Place back on relatively high heat and leave to cook.  After a couple of minutes use a spatula to loosen the edges and through to the centre - if it is an even golden colour (see picture) you can then toss crepe or flip over with spatula.
Allow the other side to cook - it will cook differently on the other side but that's normal.  Leave to cook for further 1-2 minutes before tipping onto a clean tea towel covering it with other end of tea towel while you make more crepes/finish the mixture.
The crepes will cool and soften within the tea towel.  If you're not eating straight away the crepes can be piled on a plate, sealed and placed in fridge or somewhere cool for up to 24 hours until you want to use them.
If you're using for a sweet filling & your crepe has cooled, you could microwave them for a few seconds before filling.
Some people use crepes instead of pasta sheets for lasagne.
Serving suggestions
Savoury filling suggestions:
  • Put some ham and grated cheddar cheese over an open crepe before folding in quarters or rolling up loosely and putting in the oven (approx Gas5/6) for a few minutes so the cheese can melt
  • Add some rocket or watercress to the above
  • Put some wilted spinach and feta cheese on a crepe before folding twice to form a triangle, sprinkle with grated cheese and bake for a few minutes as per above.
  • You could spread a thin layer of spicy chutney over the crepe before adding the above.
Sweet filling suggestions:
  • Serve with a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkling of demerara for a good crunch or caster sugar for less of a crunch!
  • Banana & choc sauce
  • Banana, ice cream & chocolate sauce
  • Banana, ice cream, chocolate sauce and nuts!!
  • crepe suzette
  • sliced pear, yogurt and seed mixture
Whatever you think works!

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