The Nutty One - Millionaires Tart
The Nutty One - Millionaires Tart

The Nutty One - Millionaires Tart

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Gluten, Wheat and Palm Oil Free

Are you nuts about someone? Mad, enthusiastic, crazy, this eccentric millionaire is nutty with a heart of golden caramel! A toasted hazelnut crumb scattered over rich, belgian chocolate. This is true indulgence!

Who wouldn't enjoy a millionaire? Whether a gift for a loved one or a well-earned treat for yourself, this makes a marvellous millionaire moment! Choose from 10 flavours each with a description of their personal quirkiness. 

All our millionaires start with a crisp, buttery, shortcrust pastry case. This is filled with our homemade velvety toffee and topped finally with your choice of flavour-infused chocolate! Scroll through the images to see which flavours suit you best! Every tart is delivered boxed with a personalised hand-written message inside.

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Ingredients and Shelf Life

Each Millionaire is based on the TRADITIONAL ; Butter (MILK), sugar, golden syrup, condensed MILK, polenta, potato and rice flours, free range EGGS, Belgian chocolate (SOY LECITHIN), xanthan.

Each millionaire will have natural flavourings of choice infused in the Belgian Chocolate.

NUTTY: Hazelnuts



Case amount: 1 

each tart measures approx: height 2 cm x diameter 9cm. Gift box: 11cm x 11cm x 2.5 cm.

Approx weight per tart: 90g

Best before: 3 weeks after dispatch date.