Pastry Blend 1kg

Pastry Blend 1kg

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Case Amount: 1

Approx weight per packet: 1kg

Gluten and Wheat Free


Use our pastry blend to make delicious sweet or savoury pastry. Easy to make, roll and cook, this pastry is perfect for beginners or experts to create amazing dishes. This pastry delivers a crisp texture and buttery flavour to enhance the eating experience, rather than just using flavourless pastry to hold a filling. See our recipes section for different ways to use our pastry. The mix generally makes twice the amount of pastry to pastry mix (1kg of mix will make 2kg of pastry). 

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Made and packaged in BRC accredited conditions. 

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Ingredients and Shelf Life

Rice flour, maize starch, potato starch, xanthan, EGG albumen.

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