New Dad Chocolate Millionaire Subscription
New Dad Chocolate Millionaire Subscription
New Dad Chocolate Millionaire Subscription

New Dad Chocolate Millionaire Subscription

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All mums need a chocolate millionaire subscription, our new mum millionaires are delivered monthly to fuel those first few sleepless nights, to give them energy for all those feeds and really to just say a big well done! Where we can we’ll personalise each millionaire with a message to motivate and inspire any new mum! 

All our millionaires start with a crisp, buttery, shortcrust pastry case. This is filled with our homemade velvety toffee and topped finally with your choice of flavour-infused chocolate! Scroll through the images to see which flavours suit you best! Every tart is delivered boxed with a personalised hand-written message inside. 

For the twelve month subscription we ask for the birthday of the recipient and another special date (and why it’s special – for example baby's birthday and particular milestones) so we can make sure we tailor those months for them! If you’d like something extra special on each millionaire just place your order then let us know via the contact us button and we’d be happy to help! 

Receive one millionaire tart per month for three – twelve months. Tarts will aim to be dispatched on the same day of each month (eg. 5th Feb, 5th March, 5 April) but may vary depending on weekends.


Ingredients and Shelf Life

Each Millionaire is based on the TRADITIONAL ; Butter (MILK), sugar, golden syrup, condensed MILK, polenta, potato and rice flours, free range EGGS, Belgian chocolate (SOY LECITHIN), xanthan.

Each millionaire will have natural flavourings of choice infused in the Belgian Chocolate.

TRADITIONAL: Milk Belgian Chocolate 


GINGER: Stem Ginger ,powdered ginger

EXOTIC; Cardamom seeds

ZESTY; Orange Zest, pure orange oil

MINTED; Natural peppermint water, alcohol, peppermint oil, maize starch, tracacanth and xanthan gum.

BLONDIE; White Belgian chocolate

COFFEE: White Belgian chocolate and Espresso coffee

CHILLIONAIRE; Chilli powder and flakes

FRUITY; Cranberries, sunflower oil

made in a kitchen that uses NUTS


Best Before: 3 weeks from dispatch date.