Boozy Millionaires

Boozy Millionaires

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We have really done it now! Check out our Boozy Millionaires, We have been soaking local cherries in Brandy, and Oranges in Gin, by popular choice we have bought a bottle of Ameretto for the third flavour. 

The alcohol is stirred through the toffee making it go quite soft, its encased in our all butter sweet shortcrust pastry canape case and covered with a layer of Belgian chocolate then decorated with either a slice of cherry, piece of crystalised orange or a slice of almond.


A really delicious after dinner treat

3 canapes of each flavour making 9 pieces in our wooden tray with a clear lid.

Ingredients: Each Millionaire is based on the TRADITIONAL ; Butter (MILK), sugar, golden syrup, condensed MILK, polenta, potato and rice flours, free range EGGS, Belgian chocolate (SOY LECITHIN), xanthan.

Then the Cherry brandy,  The Amaretto and the Orange Gin are all the ALCOHOLS

The Amaretto has a slice of Almond (NUT)